Activity takes care of the repairs of TV, hi-fi, camera, Pro cameras and Broadcast, beamers/projectors, bread machines, microwave, small white goods, steps, hoover boards, Segway, solar panel inverters, etc.

Every year, more than 27.000 repairs are dealt with by our team of 18 employees and this number is even increasing every year.

Our main activity is the repairs themselves. We are highly specialized in this matter with well-trained technicians and many years of experience.

To achieve a high and affordable quality, the necessary equipment is also required and available:

  • More than 20 furnished laboratories, each designed for repairing specific products
  • SMD and BGA soldering equipment
  • Equipped labs for the repair and adjustment of High Tech pho equipment and lenses
  • Specialization for projectors/beamer repairs and maintenance in our place and on site in schools and companies
  • Devices for overhauling batteries of “motorized vehicles”
  • 1600m² used as working space, offices and warehouse.




Besides of carrying our repairs, also provides the complete logistical handling of credit/exchange, exchanging low-cost registrations and DOA devices for several branches.

Of course, we also have a complete logistic system, customer reception, our own transport and collection service, personal internet track and trace, online registration of your repairs, information by mail etc as a support towards our customers and suppliers.

The enthusiastic team of makes every effort to ensure that you enjoy your device as quickly as possible. We have been counting on passionate and motivated colleagues for years and they have contributed that has grown toward the premium partner which we are today.

We hope to welcome you soon!