General conditions


Art. 1 - General conditions.

Our sales and repairs are exclusively subject to these therms and conditions. Every customer who places an order or repair, explicitly accepts the following conditions and renounces his own terms. All verbal agreements deviating from this will only be binding if confirmed in writing by us


Art. 2 - Deadlines of delivery and repair.

The delivery and repair deadlines are only given as an indication. Under no circumstances they are binding, but they will be applied to the extent of the circumstances. Except for our written agreement, a delay in delivery or execution, whatever the duration or cause may be, can never give rise to any compensation, price reduction or suspension of payment, nor to cancellation of the order.


Art. 3 - Transport.

All goods are transported at the risk and expense of the buyer. The goods are deemed to have been delivered from the moment the goods leave our warehouse. Service Center BVBA / is never responsible for damage or missing pieces on arrival of the goods at the location of the buyer.


Art. 4 - Conditions of repair.

Service Center BVBA / has the right to request an advance on the payment. An estimation of the repair can be made on request. If the repair does not have to be carried out, at least 1 working hour will be charged as costs. If a repair can entail high costs, a quotation can be made by Service Center BVBA /, even if the customer has not explicitly requested this. This quotation will be charged at the same rate. On every repair, a 3 month guarantee is given if it concerns the same error as before. Only the invoice of the previous order applies as proof of guarantee. The customer provides the supporting documents himself. This waranty period starts from the invoice date.


Art. 5 - Invoice and payment.

Regarding to the delivery of goods, our invoices are payable in cash in Deinze or on an account owned by Service Center BVBA / Repairs must be paid in cash at the moment of pickup, unless otherwise agreed by us in writing. If an invoice is not paid on the due date, the unpaid amount will automatically and without proof of default be increased with a lump sump payment of 20% with a minimum of € 50. In addition, an intrest rate of 12% per year will be owned from the due date. Non-payment grants us the right to proceed to the immediate dissolution of all current orders and assignments, without any right to compensation from the buyer, but also the ability to recover any damage we suffered from the buyer


Art. 6 - Complaints.

In order to be valid, any complaints must be WRITTEN and adressed to Service Center BVBA / within EIGHT days following to the invoice date, otherwise both delivery and invoice will be considered approved. Under no circumstances can the buyer use a possible complaint as an excuse to postpone the payment of the invoice.


Art. 7 - Status of goods sold and repaired.

The goods sold will remain property of Service Center BVBA / until full payment of the invoice. The goods that have been trusted to Service Center BVBA / for repair and which are not collected by the client within a period of six months, become automatically the property of the repairer by law who can then freely decide on the destination of these goods. Repaired goods that have not been collected within two months after repair give right to charge a custody and storage fee.


Art. 8 - Return of ordered parts and cancellation of order.

Ordered parts will not be taken back or refunded. This is because these are specifically ordered from the brand by us for the relevant delivery. These parts are also not taken back by our suppliers. Also, orders already in progress with our suppliers can no longer be cancelled and refunded.


Art. 9 - Jurisdiction of courts.

Only the Courts of Ghent have the jurisdiction in the event of a dispute.