• 1985: Service Center Deinze, also known as SCD, is founded as a Panasonic / Technics Service Centre.
    With only 2 technicians, we treated the repairs for local stores.
    With time passing, the numbers of repairs and technicians grew causing more and more new branches appealed for the expertise of SCD.
  • 1991: Sony becomes a fixed value for SCD.
  • 1996: The old structure is replaced by a new building with large working space and the required accommodations.
  • 1998: Sharp is added.
  • 2001: An extra working space and new stockroom are being build.
  • 2006: Marantz, Denon en Boston are added.
  • 2006: An additional stockroom of 900 m² is added.
  • 2007: Rotel, B&W en Classé are added.
  • 2011: Loewe is added.
  • 2012: Cambridge Audio, Elipson en Mordaunt-Short are added.
  • 2015: Harman Kardon, JBL, ArtSound, AKG en Jedia are added.
  • 2016: Canton, Block Audio en Roberts are added.
  • 2017: Launch of the brandname easyRepair.be as a portal for endusers.
  • 2017: Launch of Beamerman, a service for beamers in schools and companies.
  • 2018: Repair of Hooverboards, steps and motorized vehicles.
  • 2019: Sangean is added.
  • 2019: Service Center Deinze becomes easyRepair.be

With these branches mentioned, we directly work together regarding their service, mostly for Belgium, Luxembourg and some services for Dutch clients.

This applies to wholesale and retail trade as well as the enduser.


easyrepair team